Laser hair removal Malaysia

What is laser hair removal?

It is a hair removing treatment where the patients can eliminate the hair from the unwanted skin area. There is some information about the laser hair removal the patient need to draw all details about the laser hair removal procedure before taking it. It is a new technology for the hospital, and the surgeon can use this procedure in quick way so that the patient can eliminate the hair from the skin.

While the patient move for this procedure, before they need to offer all details of their problem to the surgeon so that the surgeon can move for another step to clear all hair from the patient skin.

What are a few of most common advantages of the laser hair removal procedures?

The laser hair removal is very efficient, and long lasting method to remove the unwanted hair, which saves a lot of time & energy previously given to some other methods.

How are treatments performed?

Initial consultation and your doctor can advise you what you can expect from the laser treatment. He or she can explain different choices that are available to you, and procedure itself, as well as the risks & limitations. Test patches are done to determine if hair can respond favorably to laser. In case, you have the dark skin, and you are asked to use bleaching cream on area to get treated to help to focus laser’s energy on hair follicle in place of on skin.

Treatment: Area to get treated are shaved clean & anesthetic cream are applied to minimize the discomfort. During procedure that you can feel very intense emissions of the light on skin as laser is been absorbed by hair follicles. Every pulse of laser lasts fraction of second as well as treats area of ½ inch. Lots of lasers are well equipped with the cooling systems to decrease the skin temperature, and giving additional mild anesthetic as well as preventing burns from heat that is generated by laser.

How long do treatments take?

Treatment time will differ considerably that depends on size of area treated, as well as particular technique that is used. Small area like upper lip might take just five minutes, whereas larger area such as back and legs might take up to hour.

As laser affects those hairs in growing stage, as well as not all the hairs are in this stage at same time, many treatments can most likely get needed to remove effectively all hair from area. The subsequent sessions are scheduled at least one month apart, while you can probably start to notice regrowth of the hairs, which were previously in resting stage.

Where are treatments performed?

The laser treatment is generally done in doctor’s office, as well as hospital stay is not at all necessary.

How much pain there is?

You must expect a few discomfort during treatment and this is often described as the burning and stinging sensation, as well as differs from individual to individual. Numbing cream is applied to skin before treatment to minimize the pain.