Hair transplant Malaysia

Is the hair transplant process really works?

Yes, the hair transplant process is really work to boost the confidence of people their worried about excess hair full. This problem may arise due to genetically defiant to baldness or excess use of harmful chemical hair color. After the end of these processes it is more difficult for everyone to judge the different between the natural and artificial hair.

Why the fashion loving people are select Malaysia?

The expert surgeons of Malaysia and advanced hospital facilities people are never find any corner of the world. So, the patients are selecting this place for their hair transplant.

How long does procedure take?

Most of the doctors perform one session and more of transplanting to attain best results. Every transplanting session takes around two & four hours, and that depends on extent of treatment.

Where will procedure be done?

The hair transplant is done in outpatient surgery center and in office surgical suite. Most of the hair transplants are done under the local anesthesia (one used by the dentists) and combined with sedative to make drowsy. You are awake however relaxed, and though you might feel a few tugging & mild discomfort, and you will not feel pain.

How much pain there is?

Amount of the pain generally depends on extent of procedure, as well as varies from one person to another. Instantly following procedure, and there are a few mild discomfort that are alleviated with the oral pain medication. Also, you must discuss the goals, budget, as well as pain tolerance with doctor to help them to determine procedure, and combination of the procedures, that can produce best results.

What I can expect after procedure?

During first 2 or 3 days following procedure, there are a few discomfort in area, which hair was all taken from and area of transplant. The mild headache, swelling as well as bruising over eyes are very common.

Bandages are generally applied after procedure as well as must get left in proper place overnight. Sutures are then removed about ten days after operation. It is very common for the medical staff shampoo hair first time after procedure, also your doctor can give you the instructions about the hair grooming at time of recovery. Few scabbing generally happens in areas, as well as must disappear in 8 to 10 days Few numbness might also occur, as well as last for 2 to 3 months.

There is small risk of plugs or grafts that are coming out, and thus you must avoid vigorous and strenuous exercise till scabs have totally healed.

What is recovery period like?

Other than to avoid vigorous exercise, most of the people can return to the normal routine day after procedure.