Lasik Malaysia

What are the preparations for lasik surgery?

With the help of this surgical, the patient can increasing the eyes power without eyeglasses or the contact lenses. While the procedure start, the patient should take the care of items like

  • Counter pain relievers
  • Choose a driver to ride the vehicle after the surgery
  • The surgeon will offer some instruction to stop wearing the contact lenses about 3 days or 3 weeks.

So, the patients need to follow all instruction because the patient can look better after the surgery. The patient can move for the online market to know all about the information about these surgery procedures.

What can happen at initial consultation?

During consultation, physician can talk with you about changes you would like to make in vision. He or she can explain different choices available, LASIKprocedure itself, as well as risks & limitations involved. He or she can explain kind of the anesthesia needed; surgical facility used, sa well as costs.

Your doctor can start by asking you for complete medical history and he or she might give you the specific instructions to prepare for surgery, and that includes guidelines for drinking and eating, smoking, as well as taking (and avoiding) vitamins, medications and supplements.

In case, you wear the contact lenses, then you will have to end wearing them for specified time prior to the initial consultation and examination. Physician might schedule the additional visits to make sure eye is stable. The lens free period is very different for soft and hard lenses, and thus you must ask the doctor to make sure you have it prepared properly.

Take opportunity to ask questions that you have around surgery, as well as ask to see the testimonials as well as out come statistics of doctor’s current patients, before & after the surgery. Ask for, as well as follow up on, the patient references. And learning everything that you may about your choices, risks as well as benefits is key to making informed choice.

How is LASIK procedure done?

LASIK eye surgery makes use of the lasers to reshape clear dome and front surface eye named cornea, part of eye, which focuses light on retina. In case, person is far sighted, cornea is very flat. In case, person is close sighted, cornea is very steep. In any of the situations, light doesn´t focus rightly on retina. The doctor can start by marking outermost layer of the cornea with special kind of the water soluble ink. The device named as microkeratome makes thin flap in outer layer of cornea. Laser reshapes exposed layer of the cornea, as well as flap is been realigned. Flap acts like natural BandAid during healing process.