Nose reshaping Malaysia

Why the nose reshaping process required?

Nose reshaping process is a plastic surgery process required to increase the attraction of nose. In most of the cases many people are suffering from the odd shape nose due to boning deficiency or any accidents. Before that it is important for patients to consult with experts surgeons for better suggestion regarding this process.

But in case nose reshaping Malaysia the patients are never facing such types of problem because expert´s surgeons operate entire surgical process. So, the patients are much confidante about their success. Due to this reason Malaysia is create a special in the world of medical science.

Who are the good candidates for the Nose reshaping surgery?

Best candidates for the Nose reshaping surgery are the non-smokers and who are in normally good health as well as who have the positive outlook as well as realistic expectations about the outcome. People who will benefit from the Nose reshaping surgery treatment include the patients with noses that they feel are very large, bulbous, asymmetrical, flat, wide, and not in the harmony with proportions of the other features.

Nose reshaping surgery method:

The nose reshaping surgery is generally carried out in general anaesthetic. Choice of the anaesthetic can be discussed beforehand between you & surgeon. Rhinoplasty generally takes one – two hours though it depends on extent of procedure. Also, there are 2 kinds of th eNose reshaping surgery treatment: Open technique as well as closed technique. `Open’ technique involves incision to be made across vertical strip of the skin between nostrils – `outside’ nose. `Closed’ technique that involves series of the small incisions to be made in nostrils. Surgery depends on type of the work that you have done on nose. These will include a few and all of following: Reshaping bone & cartilage of nose for reducing the size. Fine incisions are all made, soft tissues are then separated from bone structure as well as cartilage itself is then reshaped. Bridge of nose is reduced just by `shaving’ septum (bridge between nose) as well as upper cartilages.

Post-operative care:

The nose reshaping surgery is generally done on the out-patient basis. And after the surgery, nose is packed with the sterile gauze, as well as in some cases, the nose is fitted with splint to hold bones & new cartilage in new position till healing is done. The splint is removed after one week and swelling is significant with the Nose reshaping surgery, also you might experience bruising of cheeks and around eyes. In case, you don´t have the dissolvable sutures, then your surgeon can remove sutures in follow up visit, and generally 3 to 7 days after procedure.

Recovery from the Nose reshaping surgery:

Most of the patients will return to the non-strenuous that work after 7 to 10 days. But, for first several weeks after the Nose reshaping surgery, then you must avoid bending, lifting the heavy objects, and engaging in strenuous exercise.