Neck Lift Malaysia

What is neck lift?

Neck lift surgery is also known as platysmaplasty, it reduced the look of sagging, excess fats and unwanted fats from the neck area. Neck lift surgical process can be performed at any age but generally people among the ages 30 to 70 are look for the process.

Like the other cosmetic surgical process these neck lift also performed under the general anesthesia, so the patients are going on light sleep during the entire process. For the success of above process experienced hands are mush required like the Malaysia to avoid major problem during the surgical process.

Who is good candidate for neck lift?

Best candidates for neck lift that include healthy men & women who are been bothered by the unwanted sagging of neck or jawline. Most of the patients complain they look aged because of excess laxity, which drapes down below jaw or undesirable fullness below chin. The changes are generally result of the combination of 3 different components, which require consideration – the loose skin, and muscle sagging (that is termed platysmal banding), as well as excess fat. The loose skin is result of aging procedure that causes you an excess laxity as well as gravitational pull. The muscle sagging that reflects what aging procedure does to thin wide muscle sheet (platysma), which extends all way over the neck. Every side has platysma muscle, which generally doesn´t meet in middle, as aging procedure advances, edge of muscle on every side starts to sag downward that are leading to 2 visible bands extend from below chin toward collarbone. It contributes what is described as the `turkey gobbler´ deformity (and combined sagging skin & muscle). Patients with the excess fat that have the unwanted fullness below chin, which contributes to poorly defined jawline. Three components will coexist in same patient as well as lead to appearance of premature aging neck.

The patients with 3 components of aging neck generally undergo neck lift with ad without  any combined facelift. In case, there is an excess fat present in chin, neck lift is combined with the liposuction done through short incision in chin. In the rare cases wider incision is been used for removing fat directly, and termed open lipectomy. In case, platysmal banding is there, and these must get tightened through hidden incision that are made below chin. Edges of 2 sides of muscle are all quilted together like corset to make sharp new neckline (such as hammock), and termed platysmaplasty. Inevitably there is an excess skin noted after platysmaplasty that needs incision behind ear to lift & tighten neck line. In a few cases of the skin laxity, the muscle banding & fat excess that involves male neck, `direct neck lift´ are done. As, it involves placement of longer incision in chin, and it is generally reserved for the male patients and whose skin that tends to hide incision in favorable fashion.