Forehead lift Malaysia

What is forehead lift?

Forehead lift process is also known as brow lift surgical process. It is a plastic surgery process decreasing the look of frown lines, drooping brow and forehead wrinkling. By this surgical process the surgeons reducing the loose skin as well as removing the fat from forehead area. After the surgical process the patients are getting their youthful appearance.

This process can be performed with the endoscopic or traditional procedure according to the patient´s requirement. But in case of surgeons of Malaysia will test the structure facial, hairline and skin bit by bit before fix the surgery date. So, the patient will feel much confident about their success.

Will I have to stay in the hospital?

The forehead lift is done in hospital or else at the clinic and that depends on preferences and the surgeon. Most of the forehead lifts are done under local anesthesia (such as one used by the dentists) and combined with the sedative to ease your pain. You are awake however relaxed, and though you might feel a few tugging & mild discomfort, and you will not feel pain. Few surgeons likes to use the general anesthesia, where case you can sleep through entire operation. Longer the procedure is been expected to take, more possible that the general anesthesia is recommended.

You are allowed to return to home within some hours of surgery, as well as spend night in comfort of home, and it is essential to spend night in hospital so that your recovery procedure is monitored by medical staff.

How much pain there is?

Amount of the pain experienced differs from one person to another, as well as depends on method used. Generally, extensive procedures will give you good correction of aging changes in face, however at cost of the greater operating time, and more of risk, swelling, slower recovery, as well as greater cost.

You must also discuss goals, budget, as well as pain tolerance with surgeon to help them to determine procedure, and combination of the procedures, that can produce best results.

What I can expect after the forehead lift surgery?

Post operative experiences for the classic forehead lifts are generally very different from one, which are done endoscopically.

In any case, you must keep head elevated for two to three days after the surgery to reduce the swelling. You can shower & shampoo hair in 2 days, or when bandage is removed. You can probably return to (and sedentary) work in 7 – 10 days, sooner in case, you have opted for endoscopic forehead lift.