Facelift Malaysia

Why the facelift process required?

Facelift surgery is also known as the rhytidectomy and much required reshaping the midface, neck laxity, and jowls area.  Due to age factors the patients are facing skin fold and muscles sag problem that provide an odd looks. In this case the facelift processes are improving the skin quality as well as the facial beauty.

Who is the right candidate for the facelift Malaysia?

Those are suffering from banding and redundancy problem. But the patients that are physically and mentally healthy are the right candidate for these processes to avoid risks and complications during or after the surgical process.

How much pain there is?

The minimal facelifts are done fast as well as with very little risk, however degree of the correction that is achieved by lifts is less. Extensive methods will give much better correction of aging changes in face, however at a cost of higher operating time, risk, slower recovery, longer swelling, as well as greater cost. Ensure you discuss the goals, budget, as well as risk tolerance with surgeon to choose on plan that is good for you.

What is recovery period like?

The patients generally feel & look fine surprisingly fast after the facelift. And despite fact it is large operation, and there is generally little pain. And swelling disappears within some days, as well as bruises are generally gone by 2 weeks. The patients normally feel sense of numbness and tightness that must slowly return to the normal within many weeks. Also, it is very important to follow careful plan returning to the strenuous activity, to avoid any tension on wound (that can lead to the worse scarring).

Scars can stay pink for some months prior to maturing to the less visible scars that are hidden with the makeup. Moreover, scars are hidden in hair as well as in normal creases of the skin.

What is long term outcome for most people?

After the recovery, the patients will expect rested & youthful look. Though face lift will last for several years, and patients continue age. Thus, it is just impossible predicting how long that it may be before individual will think of second lift. Few believe that facelift as well helps to prevent skin from the sagging once again just by holding that tighter to face.

Results of the facelift are very different for every person and people who are looking good after the facelift are one who looked best before procedure. Few people have facelift in lifetime, whereas others have second surgery seven to fifteen years later.

Ideal candidate:

Generally, best candidates for the facelift are:

  • People with the good facial elasticity
  • In very good health
  • Non-smokers
  • Wanting improve appearance of face & neck
  • Psychologically stable
  • Well informed with procedure’s outcome
  • Having the realistic expectations