Eyelid surgery Malaysia

Why the patients choose Malaysia?

Every patient out there is looking for three basic things before choosing any place for their surgical problem such as best hospital having well skilled surgeons as well as lower treatment cost. In case of eyelid surgery Malaysia patients are drawing all above process in cheap. So, patients across the globe are moving towards Malaysia for their problem.  Due to this reason these process is called as eyelid surgery Malaysia.

What is eyelid surgery?

Due to over age many people are suffering from tired, wrinkled eyes problem. So, this surgical process is much required to get rid of such types of problem.

How is the eyelid surgery done?

For the traditional eyelid surgery:

1. The incision is made all along lash line, and smile creases

2. Excess muscle, fat, as well as skin are been removed

3. Fine sutures are been used close incision

4. Permanent stitches are removed 3 to 5 days after procedure

In case, you have pocket of fat under lower eyelids, however do not want to have any of the loose skin removed, then your surgeon can suggest the transconjunctival eyelid surgery. And in this procedure, incision is made in lower eyelid, and leaving no scar. It is generally done on the younger patients with the fatty lower eyelids. The Transconjunctival blepharoplasty doesn´t tighten skin and that reduces puffiness in lower eyelid area.

For the Transconjunctival Eyelid Surgery:

1. Incision is been made on inside of lower eyelid

2. Excess fat & muscle are been removed (and no tightening and removing of the skin)

3. Incision is then closed with the self-dissolving sutures and they can heal naturally without any sutures.

How long eyelid surgery takes?

The eyelid surgery normally takes one – three hours to complete, and that depends on technique that is used & extent of repair.

Will I want to stay in hospital?

That depends on preferences and surgeon’s and Blepharoplasty are done on outpatient basis, and in hospital, and in ambulatory surgical suite in either general and local anesthesia.

How much pain there is?

At first, you might feel tight sensation over eyes, and with the minor discomfort, which lasts for one day or two. The mild pain reliever are taken as required. People who had the blepharoplasty are surprised how painless surgery is. Lots of times, the isolated eyelid surgery are done under the local anesthesia with total recovery time like short as seven to ten days. (And recovery time differs from one person to another.)

What I can expect after the eyelid surgery?

After the surgery, physician can lubricate eyes with the ointment to reduce the dryness in area. Also, your vision is blurred temporarily from ointment and first evening after the eyelid surgery, you must rest very quietly with head elevated. Also, it can help to apply the cold compresses to eyelids.