Ear Surgery Malaysia

Why patients need ear surgery process?

Ear surgery is common surgical process required for the less hearing people. In most of the cases due to infection or any types of injury can disturb hearing function. Also the excess noises or aging affects are causing the ear problem. Basically the small children are facing ear infection problem.

What are facilities the patients can enjoy in Malaysia?

All the hospital of Malaysia is loaded with the advanced medial technology, so the surgeons will conform about the ear problem before the surgical process. So, the patients are never facing any problem in their further life.

Will operation affect hearing?

No. Only outer ear is been operated, and not middle and inner ear, and where hearing happens.

Will there be visible scars?

In most of the cases, no. Scars are all hidden behind ear. But, in case, you are totally prone to scarring problems like keloids, then you must discuss it with the doctor prior to the procedure.

What I can expect after the ear surgery?

Most of the doctors love having patient wear headband for some weeks after the surgery to protect surgical repair. In case, you may wear this in work, and you can then probably return to the work fast, however you will have to discuss the issue with doctor.

What is recovery period like?

Most of the normal activities are resumed in some weeks, however you will have to be careful to protect ears for 6 weeks, and possibly longer. To ensure there is not any infection and bleeding in ear after surgery, then you should be careful to protect ears as well as keep them very clean. Additionally, bending ears forward in first some months after surgery will destroy even finest surgical result, and thus be careful to follow your surgeon’s instructions.

What is long term outcome for most people?

Results are generally permanent, though there is a few small amount of the “springing back” of ears because of elastic recoil of ear cartilage.

Ideal candidate:

  •  Child, and aged four and older, adult.
  •  Good health.
  •  No history of the scarring problems, like keloids.
  •  Wanting to enhance appearance.
  •  Realistic in the expectations.
  •  Know limitations on the activities needed for the good healing.
  •  Willing to follow surgeon’s after care instructions.

Above is partial list of criteria, which the surgeon can consider to determine whether the procedure is right for you. Make sure that you ask surgeon in case, he or she considers you (and your kid) ideal candidate for the otoplasty.


  •  Wearing headband and camouflaging ears with the long hair.
  •  Accept ears with the protruding shape.
  •  Think additional plastic surgery all along with otoplasty, to improve proportions of head & face.

Ear Surgery Complications:

All the surgery carries a few risk of bleeding, scarring, reaction to the anesthesia as well as infection. Health risks are minor in surgery, however special care should be taken as infection and collection of the blood under skin will deform ear cartilages.