Chin implants Malaysia

What is chin implants?

Chin implants process is increasing the weak chin as well as reshape the facial structure.  This problem is basically arising due to trauma-related incidents or birth defects.  Chin implants are made of with flexible, sift, rubbery material like the solid silicon, which are installed under the chin.

Why the patients move for Malaysia?

In the world of surgery Malaysia has received a special spot due to its advanced medical facilities and unique surgical processes.  Due to this reason every year more than thousand of patients are moving towards Malaysia to achieve success in chin implants process.

Chin Surgery is the surgery, which is done to reshape chin and chin surgery is performed to reclaim profile of chin after accident and for the aesthetic purposes. The chin surgery can as well affect look of nose, cheeks a well as face. The chin surgery will reduce (mentoplasty) and augment (genioplasty) chin to give face the balanced appearance. The individual facial bones reduce, shift, and enlarge with the age & most of the chin surgery patients are the adults.

Chin surgery is generally performed in the outpatient center and hospital and procedure is done under the local anesthesia.


He incision is made on site of implant as well as is been placed on surface of bone. It is after that stitched, sutured and screwed in proper place. At times implant is not at all sutured, however is just placed in the pocket as well as body´s collagen keeps that in proper place. For a few implants, such as silicone implants, titanium screws might at times get used.

Genioplasty is one more method of improving the weak chin and section of jaw is then removed with oscillating bone saw. Bone is moved forward as well as kept in proper place with the metal screws & plates.


With the cosmetic surgery that you can reduce chin, incision is been made in chin and bone is sculpted and excess is then removed from and incision is then stitched up.


The double chin plastic surgery is different kind of the cosmetic chin surgery. Also, it gets rid of excess skin as well as fatty tissues, which result in the double chin. The patients are treated with the Tumescent Liposuction that removes excess fat by small incision.


During the mentoplasty surgery, surgeon makes incision in two possible locations:

  • under lower lip in your mouth
  • under chin in inconspicuous location

Surgeon may then make use of electrical instrument (bone burr or drill) in order to reduce as well as reshape bone to make natural appearance. Surgeon can stitch incision closed & apply tape to chin area.