Cheek Implants Malaysia

Who is the right candidate of this procedure?

The cheek implants are gaining much demand among fashion loving people. The surgeons of the hospital have prepared some physical test for the patient because the surgeons have ensure to take the next step for eliminating the cheek fat or skin. The cheek implants are high end medical procedures in which the surgeon can rectify the cheek problem effectively.

While the patients move for the hospital, before the patient need to explain problematic area information and after that the surgeon can offer the best solution though the cheek implants surgery with the high end medical services.

What will happen at initial consultation?

During consultation, you & surgeon can discuss changes you want to make in the appearance. He may explain different choices that are available, procedure itself, as well as the risks & limitations. You might view some samples of implants as well as feel differences in the size, as well as consistency. He can explain kind of the anesthesia needed, surgical service, as well as costs. Make sure to ask questions that you have about surgery, as well as ask to see the photos of doctor’s patients, before & after surgery. Ask for, as well as follow up on, the patient references. Learning everything that you may about the options, risks as well as benefits is a key in making the informed decision.

How is the cheek augmentation done?

When the cheek implant surgery is done in the conjunction with some other facial procedures, implants are inserted through incisions that are used for this procedure. In case cheek implant surgery is done by itself, then incisions are made at top of upper lip, near gums, and on outer cheek, and slightly below lower eyelid. Implant of size & shape that surgeon has chosen is inserted through the incisions in pocket made in tissue. In a few cases, small titanium screw is been used to attach implant to bone. Implants are then placed on and below cheekbones as well as incisions are then closed with the sutures that body absorbs. At conclusion of surgery skin is then dressed to reduce the swelling.

How long does procedure take?

Surgery normally takes from 30 – 45 minutes.

Will I have to stay in the hospital?

The procedure is generally done on outpatient basis. The hospital stay is at times necessary while the cheek implant surgery is done in the conjunction with some other cosmetic processes.

How much pain there is?

Amount of the pain generally depends on method used, as well as varies from one person to another. The local anesthetic is been used to reduce the pain during surgery.