Alarplasty Malaysia

Why the alarplasty Malaysia is so famous?

Alarplasty is one of the advanced surgical procedures reducing the fats from nose area as well as provide a balance facial appearance. This surgical process takes one to two hours according to fats percentage. According to the surgeons the candidate must be older than 15years because in this age nose must be completely developed.

In the entire process the surgeons of Malaysia are providing much mental support to patients that much required for success. So, the patients all over the world are moving towards the place. Due to this reason the alarplasty Malaysia is so famous than any other area.

What I can expect after the alaraplasty?

After procedure you can feel groggy and your arm is placed in the special compression garment for helping newly sculpted skin that adhere to tissue underneath. You can probably have many layers of the stitches on upper arm, possibly with drain inserted for helping skin to adhere underlying tissue. Few of stitches are absorbable, and few might need to get removed by during follow up visit.

When alaraplasty is done incisions are been placed in crease where nostril wall meets cheek. Alarplasty scars generally tend stay a bit red or pink for first month and two depends on skin type & coloration. Alarplasty scars normally heal well & are not noticeable after this time.

 Post surgery

Generally, you can feel a few pain & discomfort at nose area and experience the nose puffiness during first days after operation however it is alleviated by medications prescribed that you can take for seven days to avoid further complication. Also, you can get instructed to sleep with head higher than chest to help to reduce the swelling as well as discomfort. It will help you to recover fast and after two or three days, you can feel no pain however swelling in nose & eyelid area can persist, though most of patients report they experience bruising just in dorsum of nose. You must not get alarmed in case, there is a few bleeding from incision site, since this is normal & resolve in two days. Swelling & bruising over eyes can begin to disappear within week and can totally subside for around two weeks. You are needed to see Doctor on third day for removal of bandage or splint, then on 7th & 10th day for removal of the stitches.

Post surgery recovery

You may go back work after one or two weeks, however avoid any strenuous activities that may increase some pressure to face that will prolong swelling & bruising for next two to three weeks. After removal of bandage & stitches, patient should take care of their nose not being injured till it is healed.