Dr Chin Sze Piaw

Dr Chin Sze PiawHe was conferred a fellow of the National Heart Association of Malaysia for his services and contributions in the field of cardiovascular medicine in 2008. Dr Chin obtained his specialist qualifications from the British Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) in 1998.
Dr Chin is also a committee member and immediate past chairman of the National Stem Cell Registry and a member of several expert committees on Clinical Practice Guidelines. A practicing internist and interventional cardiologist by training who has researched extensively into stem cells and cellular molecular signaling.


Doctor Chin had published many papers and book chapters on heart disease and stem cells and his works have been presented and highlighted at major international conferences. Dr Chin was the lead researcher in pioneering stem cells for severe heart failure patients.


His efforts have saved the lives of many who are today living testimonies to the efficacy of stem cells treatment. His team was also among the first to transform stem cells into nerve cells (2007), into kidney mesangial cells (2008) and insulin-producing cells from diabetic patients (2010). Dr Chin is now working actively towards use of stem cells for the promotion of health, anti-ageing and disease prevention.