Male Breast Reduction Malaysia

Why the male breast reduction Malaysia?

Male breast reduction Malaysia is one of the advanced surgical processes required to remove excess fats from male chest area. These problems basically arise due to excess fats store in the male chest area. Male breast problem is also known as the gynecomastia that means women like breast. Due to this reason the patients are loosing their confidence to move for parity only for their odd shape.

Is the male breast reduction Malaysia?

Like every surgical process some risk is most in male breast reduction Malaysia. But in case of surgeons of Malaysia percentage of risk reduced to skilled hands.

What is recovery period like?

The light activities are resumed in some days, though your chest are sore. Most of the people can return to (sedentary) work in 3 to 7 days, as well as resume more of strenuous activities in 2 to 3 weeks. You must also avoid exposing operated area to sun for six months for preventing permanently altering skin pigmentation.

The routine physical activity & exercising (lifting, pulling as well as pushing motions) must get avoided for six weeks. This can help scars to heal and your doctor can advise you on level of the physical activity, which is right for you. Few degree of bruising and swelling might last for three to six months.

The recovery time & privacy requirements differs from one person to another. In case, you are not very concerned in case, people are all aware you have currently had surgery, and you can return to the light activities earlier.

What is long term outcome for most of the people?

After healing, men are happy with results.

How long do results last?

Improvement from the procedure is permanent, however weight gain and use of some drugs can result in the recurrence.

Ideal candidate:

General, best candidates for the breast reduction are:

  • Mature to understand procedure
  • Experiencing embarrassment or social inhibition because of breast enlargement
  • Knowledgeable about procedure
  • Having very good skin elasticity
  • Good physical & psychological health
  • Wanting to improve appearance or comfort
  • Realistic in expectations
  • Willing to try diet & exercise as the first options
  • The Non-smokers and can stop smoking during healing process
  • Not making use of marijuana and anabolic steroids
  • Not heavy alcohol user

Above is partial list of criteria, which your surgeon can consider to determine whether the procedure is right for you. Make sure to ask surgeon in case, he or she considers you ideal candidate for surgery.