Water Jet Liposuction Malaysia

What is water jet liposuction?

Water jet liposuction is a procedure that eliminating the fluid offering less brushing, and swelling. It is decreasing overall trauma from the patient body. It is one of the advance or high end medical services so that patient can eliminate the fats form their body in few time. There are some conditions to use the water jet liposuction. So, the patients need to consider the information about the water jet liposuction and the treatment style. The patient can move for the online media and find out the hospital, which are offering best information about the water jet liposuction. So, the patients are ensuring about this technology to in use in their body for reducing the fat.

Recovery After The Waterjet Liposuction

The Waterjet Liposuction is been associated with fast recovery time, as well as often needs very little  pain relief. However, what it is actually love to have the operation?

Comparison of the Power Water Assisted as well as Traditional Liposuction: Prospective Randomized Trial of the Post-Operative Pain

Pstoperative pain is important factor, which has to get analyzed while the new methods in the cosmetic surgery are been introduced. The study shows that the water assisted liposuction is almost painless method when compared to the traditional tumescent liposuction.

Experience with WAL

Degree of the discomfort is very closely related to size of operation. Small, and localised fat extraction is painless, whereas large volume liposuction that involves areas are very uncomfortable. Every, individual´s tolerance pain as well differs tremendously. We had the clients who generally claim having very little tolerance as well as through large methods without any major complaints of pain. And others who think that their tolerance level is very high at times find that uncomfortable. Some of patients have needed the minimal pain relief after operation.

Swelling is also variable, virtually none to the significant and people with the previous surgery that tend swelling more, however lack of the previous intervention doesn´t actually mean no swelling. Swelling generally tends go in 2 to 4 weeks.

Bruising is very minimal & lasts two weeks.

Oozing is very common in first 24 hours and give change of dressing for the comfort. We make use of the machines to draw excess water day after operation, so holes will close up fast. It is also very rare oozing to carry on beyond 48 hours till circumferential thigh surgery is completed. For this, we give you daily fluid drainage and to speed up recovery as well as reduce the swelling.

The skin laxity was concern at first, however skin retraction hasn´t  been major problem. We can occasionally encourage the high risk of patients to undergo the additional skin firming methods (and non-surgical). Though we cannot promise skin is tighter after the surgery than before, and we have also found that the skin laxity, mainly with use of the skin firming treatments, and hasn´t often been major issue.