Vaser Malaysia

What is the mean of the vaser?

The actual names of vaser are an ultrasound liposuction technology, so the surgeon can use this technology through the sound waves so that the fatty tissue can liquefy from the patient body. With the help of the vaser the surgeon can make a particular target and liquefy the fat from a particular area.

The patient can get more information about this technology though the online media because there are so many hospitals have been opened their online account to spread the news of the vaser. So, the patient can make sure about the vaser procedures and rectify their fat problem in quick time.

Am I good candidate?

In case, you are been bothered by an excess fat deposits – that is located anywhere on body – that will not respond to diet and exercise, then LipoSelection is right for you.

Perfect candidates for the Vaser are:

Adults in 30% of ideal weight and who have the firm, elastic skin as well as good muscle tone

The healthy individuals who don´t have life threatening illness and medical states that will impair healing


People with positive outlook & specific aims in mind for the body contouring

Individuals that are looking for alternative to the traditional liposuction

Surgical Method

VASER makes use of gentle ultrasonic waves for dissolving the selected areas of the fat pockets without even disturbing and putting a lot of stress on nerves as well as collagen tissues. It is likely as ultrasound can differentiate the fatty tissue from some other body tissue (like connective tissue, blood vessels, as well as nerves), which must be left undisturbed and largely.

First, area to get reshaped is been refilled with the special saline solution, which helps numb site as well as shrink blood vessel (in order to minimize the blood loss as well as reduce the bruising). The solution wets & fills area to get treated, and making that simpler to break up the fatty tissue with VASER System´s energy. Then small probe transmits the sound energy (that is similar to one used for the cataract removal from eye), which fragments the fatty tissue on a contact, when leaving some other tissue intact. Lastly, liquefied fat is been removed through gentle suction procedure that is made to minimize the damage to the surrounding tissues. And not just does procedure involve very less pain & bruising than the traditional procedures, results are all astonishingly smooth, natural looking and shapely.


It varies with extensiveness of procedure-amount of the fat removed, number of the sites treated. Lots of patients report they see the results instantly after procedure with final result at 3 – 6 months. It is very important you establish the realistic expectations by discussion with surgeon.

Risks and Complications

Risks of the VASER are similar to liposuction risks that are associated with other method. But, as LipoSelection® minimizes the damage to some other body tissues, generally patients experience very less pain & fewer side effects with some other types of the liposuction.