Tummy Tuck Malaysia

Why the tummy tuck process required?

Tummy tuck is also known as the abdominoplasty surgical process. This process is suitable option for the patients that loosing their confidence due to their odd shape body. In tummy tuck process the surgeons remove the excess fat from lower abdominal area and reshape the skins.

Who is a right candidate for tummy tuck Malaysia?

A right candidate for tummy tuck is the person having normal weight and good physic is suitable for this process. There are different types of tummy tuck process introduced in medical that will vary according the fats percentage and patients.

Why Tummy Tuck?

In case, you would like tighter, and flatter abdomen, and then tummy tuck is right for you. As well known as the abdominoplasty, tummy tuck takes away the excess fat & skin, in a few cases it restores weakened and separated muscles. It makes abdominal profile, which is firmer and smoother, enhancing body image as well as confidence. Flat & well toned abdomen is something lots of us strive through exercise & weight control. At times methods will not achieve goals.

Even people otherwise normal body weight & proportion will develop the abdomen, which protrudes and is loose & sagging. Most common causes include aging, pregnancy, significant fluctuations in the weight, heredity as well as prior surgery.

The tummy tuck is not substitute for the weight loss regime and exercise programme. Though results of the tummy tuck are permanent technically, positive outcome is highly diminished by fluctuations in weight. For this cause, people who plan substantial weight loss and women who are thinking pregnancies are advised to postpone tummy tuck.

Also, tummy tuck will not correct the stretch marks, though these are removed and somewhat improved in case, they are situated on areas of the excess skin that are excised, and normally those treated areas under belly button.

Is Tummy Tuck correct for me?

Abdominoplasty is good option for you in case,

  •  You are healthy physically & at stable weight
  •  You have the realistic expectations
  •  You are non-smoker
  •  You are been bothered by feeling that tummy is very large and flabby.

Risks & Complications

Since, with all the medical procedures, and there are the risks & though the risks are rare in hands of the experienced & rightly trained surgeon, and it is very important you are all aware of them & accept them before that you choose for the surgery.

Possible risks of the abdominoplasty include:

  •  Bleeding (haematoma)
  •  Unfavorable scarring
  •  Fluid accumulation
  •  Infection
  •  Anaesthesia risks
  •  Numbness and other changes in the skin sensation
  •  Poor wound healing