Thigh lift Malaysia

What is thigh lift?

At Malaysia, the patient can find out some leading hospital and highly educated surgeon who are offering the best services through the thigh lift surgery. It is the right time to know more about the thigh lift at Malaysia. The patient should eligible 18 years above and having a good health so that surgeons are offering the best solution towards the thigh problem. The patient should undergo some tests that are prepared by the surgeon of the hospital. After that, the surgeons are reaching a decision for reshaping the thigh in accurate size. So, the patient can get accurate shape and size of the thigh and get some information to maintain the thigh after the surgery.

How is Thigh Lift done?

Surgeon makes incision in thigh as well as removes the excess skin prior to pulling remaining skin up as well as attaching that. The sutures are then placed to close incision.

How long Thigh Lift will last?

The results from the thigh lift are very long lasting to permanent.

How famous is this kind of the surgery?

According to American Society of the Plastic Surgeons, more than 9,000 thigh lifts were done in USA at 2008. Over 60 percent of the thigh lifts were been carried out after the weight loss.

Duration of the procedure and surgery:

The thigh lift surgery generally takes around 3 to 4 hours to carry out.

Days admitted:

The thigh lift is been carried out as the outpatient procedure and with the overnight stay.


The thigh lift is been carried out in general anesthesia.


The recovery time for thigh lift is over 2 – 3 weeks for every day activity as well as 4 to six 6 for the full levels of the activity, and that includes exercise & sports. Incision generally takes one year to get heal.


Few risks exist in thigh lift procedure and risks include: – Swelling. – Bruising. – Bleeding as well as infection.

After care:

  • Take the prescribed and over counter medication that deal with swelling, bruising, as well as pain after thigh lift treatment procedure.
  • Patients might need compression garment for some weeks to reduce the swelling.